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There is no better way to celebrate America's birthday than with a cold cider. When America was founded, cider was a more common drink than water. Founding father John Adams is reported to have drank a tankard of cider each day. Thomas Jefferson cultivated cider apples in his Monticello orchard. Cider was served to Revolutionary troops and played a key role in the early colonial economy.

But cider isn’t history—we’re in the middle of America’s modern cider boom. Join the new cider revolution and pick cider for Fourth of July this year! Nothing pairs better with grilled meats and BBQ than cider.

Across the U.S. cider makers are helping you find a cider that’s a perfect match for your BBQ. With special events in all corners of the nation, you can easily find a cider that you love. 

Explore our site to discover your cider 4th of July inspiration. Post your cider photo to Instagram cider with #PickCider for a chance to win Pick Cider gear. Contact us with any of your cider questions. We’re here to help you pick cider. 

This campaign is sponsored by the United States Association of Cider Makers



When pairing cider with common 4th of July foods, you really can't go wrong. A cool cider and a grilled hotdog are best friends. Cider is also an exceptional choice for braising or marinating. Want something more advanced?

Take the opposites approach for a balance of flavors. Cider pairs exceptionally well with grilled items thanks to the magic of combining salty smoked goodness with sweet and refreshing crispness, and there is no better combo than cider and pork—except maybe cider and caramelized onions (pile them high this 4th of July!). Cider lets you go big on flavor for your cheeseburgers—bacon, blue cheese, gouda, smoked cheddar and spicy peppers all pop when paired with hard cider. 

Or go for aligned flavors for a coordinate approach—a classic American pie with a classic America cider or a refreshing pineapple cider with your teriyaki burger. Grilling fish? "Try to bring out the flavors of the cider in your sauces and marinades, and look for ciders that share the essential flavors of your dish. Fruity, tropical ciders will complement mango salsa, while earthier ciders will be especially delicious with with mushrooms or capers. And there are few things more amazing than a bone-dry, mineral-focused cider with a dozen oysters on the half shell." -Serious Eats











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