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With fall descending around us in a swirl of multi-colored leaves, cool breezes, and buckets, baskets, and bins full of ripe fruits and vegetables, it is impossible not to think about our most American of holidays: Thanksgiving! It is a time when we gather together to celebrate not only the harvest and the bounty that our land provides for us, but also the idea of people of different backgrounds coming together to share a meal created from their unique cultural histories.

Cider was no exception to this blending of cultures that began when the pilgrims arrived in what became New England. Cider was already the drink of choice in England and elsewhere on the European continent. There were also several varieties of apples that were already established in New England and being made into cider by Native American groups before the pilgrims arrived. That means it’s entirely possible that cider was on the table at that first Thanksgiving!

But cider’s history is only a part of the story – we’re in the midst of the rebirth of America’s cider industry! Cider makers across the country are going back to our roots and creating truly spectacular ciders that celebrate the best of what our country has to offer. So this Thanksgiving as you gather with your friends and family around the table, pick cider and raise a toast to traditions old and new!

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While many may feel that what's for Thanksgiving dinner isn't up for debate, that doesn't mean you can't juice up your usual holiday fare with a dash or a splash or a bottle of cider from your favorite cider makers! As a representative of fall and the harvest, cider pairs well with any Thanksgiving dish and the variety of ciders available means that you can find just the right one for every course and every palate. Start with a sparkling cider to get the festive spirit going as your family and friends assemble over the appetizer trays. Then bring on a cider packed with the punch of tannin and acid to balance out the richness of your Thanksgiving meal. Finish up by pairing a complementary semi-dry cider with your pies and pastries for the perfect end note.

Want something more advanced? How about a cider-based brine for your Thanksgiving turkey? A brine will keep your turkey moist, and the cider, herbs, and spices will impart amazing flavor into your bird and into the gravy you make out of the drippings!

Don't forget to add some cider to the side dishes as well! Cider can be added to almost any Thanksgiving side and adds a brightness that can lighten up the heaviness of our favorite holiday dishes. That's right, even mashed potatoes can be jazzed up with some cider, as can carrots, Brussels sprouts, the list goes on.

Want to add a pièce de résistance to your meal? Create unique desserts imbued with your favorite cider. Unsurprisingly, cider can be a great addition to your favorite desserts filled with the bounty of fall fruits and veggies available. Turn cider into a sauce, add it to your dough, or your filling and you'll create a memorable end to our most American of meals.






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